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Party Planning

Need a Party Planning Event Coordinator? A Mistica Event Can Help!

Planning a corporate event or personal celebration can be a ton of fun, but also incredibly daunting. Whether we are putting an event together for a loved one or giving an employee at the office a birthday party, it can help to have a party planning event coordinator around to help.

A Mistica Event is a full-service event store that offers personalized gifts, custom cakes, and event planning services. Let's take a closer look at how A Mistica Event can help make party planning easy!

Why Should I Hire an Event Coordinator?

When it comes time to put together a party or event, there are many different areas that we must extend our time and energy. From collecting decorations such as flowers and balloons to picking a cake and ordering personalized gifts, there is a ton that needs to be tended to. Without any support, it would be easy to quickly fall behind or otherwise feel overwhelmed.

Hiring an event coordinator to assist with party planning can be a way to get the party we desire without the effort that it would otherwise require. Here is how a party planning team at A Mistica Event can support their clients directly.

  1. Find the Right Cake - Party planning is as much about picking the right decor as it is getting the perfect cake. A Mistica Event is proud to offer a wide selection of custom cakes in a variety of unique flavors.

  2. Personalized Decorations - When clients come to A Mistica Event for personalized decorations, they can enjoy everything from balloon bouquets to balloon garlands, backdrops, and columns. With an event coordinator on hand, clients can enjoy the perfect decorations for their specific vision.

  3. Free Delivery Services - A Mistica Event is here to help and that means offering Free Delivery on their event gifts and party planning services. To learn more, inquire directly for further information.


Ready to celebrate? Contact A Mistica Event for more information!

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