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Gift Baskets

Celebrate Your Special Occasion With Personalized Gift Baskets From A Mistica Event.

There is something to be said for the perfect gift basket. Whether we receive one at the office around the holidays or we hand them out during a party of our own, personalized gift baskets are a great way to make people in our lives feel valued.

A Mistica Event is a full-service event shop and party planning company that is proud to offer a range of great personalized gift baskets. Whether we are planning a big family gathering or the next corporate bash, let's take a closer look at what A Mistica Event can offer us!

Party Planning Made Easy: Gift Baskets For YOU!

The history of gift baskets can be traced back thousands of years but that doesn't mean that A Mistica Event doesn't offer something new and exciting! A Mistica Event is proud to offer personalized gift baskets in the following styles:

  • Continental Boxed Breakfast - Available in S/M/L, this personalized gift includes croissants, jam, fruit, matching napkins, and a Starbucks Frappuccino. Add a personalized message to round out the box!

  • Personalized Breakfast Basket - When we want a more extensive breakfast gift basket, this personalized gift is the right choice. This gift comes with everything we need to enjoy a gorgeous breakfast or brunch.

  • Personalized BBQ Basket - When we want to hit the beach and celebrate in style, the BBQ Basket is ideal! From balloons and drinks to snacks and personalized messaging, who doesn't want to find one of these at their desk?


Free Delivery & Personalized Gift Baskets For Your Party!

A Mistica Event was established to provide its clients with access to the best-personalized gift baskets, cakes, and balloons on the market. A full-service event shop with event planning services also available, A Mistica Event is more than ready to help their clients with all things related to event planning!

Contact A Mistica Event today to start planning your next big celebration!

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